I think I found a bug in Zabbix

You have recently started with Zabbix, and stumbled upon something that doesn’t look right. What do do? You might want to report it as a bug. Let’s talk about the suggested way to do that.

A pie chart of Zabbix bugs per component
Zabbix bugs per component

Zabbix uses Jira at https://support.zabbix.com for issue tracking. You will have to create a separate account there – accounts on other Zabbix systems cannot be used to log into the Zabbix Jira instance. Note that you do not need an account to search there, all the reports are public.

Once you have an account, it might be tempting to run over there and just file away. But doing it badly will spend developer time. And developer time would be best spent improving Zabbix, right?

The most important thing:

make sure it looks like a bug

If you are an experienced person and know it is a bug – great. If you have just started with Zabbix and don’t know for sure whether the issue you are having is a bug, please do discuss that in the available community support channels.Β  Do not file support requests in the public bug tracker. Quite confident that it’s a bug? Great. The second important thing:

search for duplicates

That is, make sure to search the issue tracker extensively to make sure your issue has not been reported already. There are more than 1200 open bugreports, and it is possible that one of them is the issue you are experiencing. You also can’t rely on something seeming obvious to you – for various reasons some issues might lay dormant in the tracker for many years. At the time of this writing, the oldest open bugreport is from 2008 – that’s 8 years.

Average age of Zabbix bugreports since 2008

After being diligent on the two most important things, the third thing is actually a whole list of suggestions – Zabbix bug reporting guidelines – on how to report issues and follow up on them. Please do read those guidelines and try to follow them. We won’t repeat here all of them, just the ones that people seem not to notice most often.

  • Report issues in English only
  • Describe the problem in the issue – don’t just link to some external description
  • Don’t add +1 comments. They are not productive and only clutter the issue. To show that you would like to see a specific issue resolved, use the voting feature in the upper right corner
  • Do not repeat the component like API, Server or Proxy in the issue labels

And do make sure to read through the bug reporting guidelines in case there’s something else that will make developers’ life easier.

The Zabbix issue tracker is not used for bugreports only – you can also add new feature requests. Bugs go in the ZBX project, feature requests – in the ZBXNEXT project. Be even more careful when searching for existing issues in the ZBXNEXT project, as features often can be described in different ways and you might have to try a few keyword versions to find the correct issue.

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