Zabbix feature request TOP20, January 2017

We recently covered the most desirable feature request in Zabbix – ability to tell an item to collect a value right now, instead of waiting for the next polling interval. But there are many more feature requests – actually, there are almost 2000 open feature requests. Let’s look at TOP20 out of those, and let’s figure out what’s the second most desirable thing to be implemented for Zabbix.

Zabbix TOP3 feature requests
There are 17 more of these below!

TOP20 Zabbix feature requests, January 2017

Zabbix uses Jira for issue tracking, including bugreports and feature requests. These issues can be voted on, and a large amount of votes on a feature request indicate that majority of users are missing that feature. The leader here is the ability to force item polling, but there are many more. Knowing what those are can be helpful – for example:

  • when evaluating Zabbix, as you can easily see what crucial features might be still missing
  • these feature requests can also be useful for existing Zabbix users, as the issues often will contain workarounds.

Here’s a list of the 20 most important missing features, according to Zabbix users:

1ZBXNEXT-473Ability to Check Now a specific passive itemRobert Hau2010-08-17174
2ZBXNEXT-927Allow LLD Graphs to graph an item for each discovered entity in a single graphAndrew Howell2011-08-29150
3ZBXNEXT-104switch trigger to OK based on acknowledgement by userDavid M. Zendzian2009-10-23139
4ZBXNEXT-46Host based dependenciesAnkur Sethi2009-08-09134
5ZBXNEXT-97ability to test an action in frontendChristoph Haas2009-10-06116
6ZBXNEXT-936Zabbix Proxy does not proxy remote commandsJordi Clariana2009-11-02115
7ZBXNEXT-413Maintenance Period on Trigger/service levelFlorian Koch2010-06-17100
8ZBXNEXT-276LDAP authentication with groups supportRoberto Rios2010-03-1794
9ZBXNEXT-1262nested host groupsrichlv2012-06-1393
10ZBXNEXT-77Better permission granularityJohan Segernas2009-09-1588
11ZBXNEXT-18send an alert after trigger being acknowledgedSol Arioto2009-02-0985
12ZBXNEXT-117Add comments to graphsRobin Holtet2009-11-0474
13ZBXNEXT-1274Configurable JMX Endpointmichael2012-06-1573
14ZBXNEXT-75Add a "show all" option for viewing all graphs for a host on one page"Jasper Spit2008-09-2973
15ZBXNEXT-247Built in feature to export reports and statisticsEmil Odepark2010-02-2261
16ZBXNEXT-336ability to customise inventory fieldsrichlv2010-04-2961
17ZBXNEXT-10Need a command-line import/export facilityMarty Shannon2008-01-1457
18ZBXNEXT-158ability to use discovery returned string as hostnamerichlv2009-12-0856
19ZBXNEXT-714need scalable alternative for the history and items tablesWill Lowe2011-03-2453
20ZBXNEXT-2088Allow merging of discovered VM's and data from an installed agentGene Liverman2013-12-2451

While there might be some overlap and duplication between all the open issues, in general Zabbix team does a good job at closing duplicates and cross-referencing related issues, thus the list above should be pretty correct. If you do spot a duplicate, please do speak up 🙂

Creating “summary” LLD graphs

And in the second place we have ZBXNEXT-927, which asks for a way to graph all LLD-discovered entities in a single graph. What is it that cannot be done currently? While LLD allows to create graph for each discovered entity – for example, a graph with incoming and outgoing traffic for each interface – there is no way to track some item across all discovered entities – for example, error count across all discovered interfaces. One could use ad-hoc graphs for one-off cases, or create custom graphs manually, but that is not feasible for anything above a few hosts.


While there is no simple and easy workaround, the best way to approach this currently is using the Zabbix API to generate such graphs. Stay tuned, we will soon explore an example script to automatically create graphs with items like these 🙂

Zabbix graph configuration, showing 4 free diskspace items

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