Zabbix bug TOP20, March 2017

Let’s talk bugs. The important Zabbix bugs. What are those? The ones that have the most votes in the Zabbix issue tracker.

TOP3 Zabbix bugreports from the table below in the article

There are currently 1308 open bugreports. When we looked at this number back in November last year, it was a hundred less. That’s a pretty huge number, is everything bad? Not really, as some might be duplicates and some might be incorrect reports. Not many, though, as there’s constant grooming going on. Most of the remaining are valid bugreports, but not too critical – some are even as minor as an offset of a few pixels in some page. Still a bug, but something we can live with, mostly. We already looked at the top-voted bugreport, now is the time to glance at others same as we did with feature requests.

It could be addictive to look at a graph, showing the number of open bugreports. Unfortunately, Jira still lacks the capability to graph open issues over time. For now, here are the top most annoying bugs that the Zabbix community has voted on:

1ZBX-2494deadlock between server and frontendAleksandrs Saveljevs2010-06-0128
2ZBX-2815Missing audit records for different actions in zabbix GUI and APIAlexey Fukalov2010-08-0423
3ZBX-3924frontend and daemons use different regexpsrichlv2011-07-0619
4ZBX-3878Slide Shows cause the browser to use more and more RAM over time.dazman2011-06-1017
5ZBX-9879https monitoring breaks when TLS V1.0 protocol disallowedK. M. Peterson2015-09-1617
6ZBX-2866nested aggregation function do not escape Macros in a right wayThomas Spengler2010-08-1216
7ZBX-4445Actions are triggered even if hosts are in maintenancePier Carlo Chiodi2011-12-1515
8ZBX-6463Zabbix IT Services shows incorrect SLA saif2013-04-0414
9ZBX-6669remembered host incorrectly used in trigger config popupsrichlv2013-06-0613
10ZBX-6118Very low performance changing template linked with many hostsOleksiy Zagorskyi2013-01-1412
11ZBX-3356Graphs display data even when no data has been sent for trapper itemsjames2010-12-2911
12ZBX-9867PidFile location in .conf file ignored, can't restart zabbixGene Liverman2015-03-0211
13ZBX-8013Adding trigger dependency between templates fails when template is directly linked with hostsMika Tiainen2014-04-0111
14ZBX-4646Month and minute are shortened with "m""Volker Fröhlich2012-02-1310
15ZBX-4500"fuzzytime" should compare with the time the item was collected"Kevin Doren2012-01-029
16ZBX-6345user's permission not affect APIpengyao2013-03-058
17ZBX-5523Acknowledgement doesn't stop actions from being processed after maintenance endedFabien Grumelard2012-08-308
18ZBX-8385snmpV3 report (responce) "usmStatsNotInTimeWindows" treated as NETWORK_ERROR, which is bad and may misleadOleksiy Zagorskyi2014-06-238
19ZBX-8042On server startup, the value cache being populated freezes the insert of data into the databaseCorey Shaw2014-04-048
20ZBX-10229Latest data slowness using MySQL (late row lookups)Kenneth Palmertree2015-12-317

Broken auditing

As we already know about the bug number one, let’s take a quick glance at the second place. Zabbix has a nice and promising feature, logging/auditing of all the changes made to the configuration. Unfortunately, this feature got mostly broken with the release of Zabbix 1.8, many changes are not recorded in the audit log anymore. Bugreport ZBX-2815 tracks the status of this problem, but it’s been a while – Zabbix 1.8 was released on 2009-12-07.

This issue is quite important, as it also has security implications. We’ll talk about it in a bit more detail soon.

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