About this blog

Zabbix is a true opensource monitoring solution that has a few books written about it. The very first book, Zabbix 1.8 network monitoring, was published back in 2010 and in 2016 an update came out – Zabbix Network Monitoring, Second Edition.


This new book is about Zabbix 3.0, the current “long-term support release”. As it is not possible to cover everything in a single book, even a thick one, this blog is about whatever did not get in the book in enough detail.

About the author

Hello there. I’m a long-time Zabbix user (since 2001) who had the honour of working at the Zabbix company for more than 5 years. During my time at Zabbix, I had a chance to work with a really great team of skilled and passionate people. On my part, I conducted training sessions and helped users via various consulting endeavours. This allowed to experience a lot of real world Zabbix usage all around the world, as well as see what are the areas of Zabbix that users struggle the most with.

I also wrote a few articles for the Zabbix blog.

After leaving Zabbix, I’m still participating in the community (look for Richlv at the Zabbix IRC channel #zabbix on Freenode).

Got comments or questions about the book contents or Zabbix in general? Have something to share and would like to write a blog post here? Let me know.