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Still wondering where the Action Simulator is in 2018?

It hurts to admit it, but this is just another preview and not something that is ready to be released to the general public! But don’t think that I took it easy: I spent a lot of time cleaning up and restructuring the code. I worked on new features and some fundamental issues and then I thought: Instead of going for 3.4, which is nearing its end of life, rather aim for 4.0, which will become the next LTS!

In hindsight, I am not upset with this decision, but unfortunately it added a lot more complexity to the job and that is why it is not done! This is where you could come in: I am looking for help on the frontend part. Please read on if you are interested and let me know!

If you don’t know what Action Simulator is and why is it great, consider reading the introductory post first.

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Still wondering about missing notifications in 2017?

If Zabbix keeps on surprising you with its notifications, you might want to try the Action Simulator! The Action Simulator is a community patch that helps you to figure out whether your actions really do as you intend. It first came out for Zabbix 2.0 in 2013 and was downloaded by hundreds of users from all around the world.

The following article gives a brief introduction to the Action Simulator and explains the challenges of developing it for Zabbix 3.2.

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Zabbix – Why You No Audit?

Testing of new Zabbix items, triggers, actions, etc is always easier on a separate test instance, which is the reason why we have a few test Zabbix servers. These test servers are usually behind our firewall, but a few weeks ago we found that one test instance wasn’t. To make things even worse, it had the default admin credentials.  This wasn’t a big issue, because it was isolated from the rest of our hosts, but it was interesting what happened on that server.

The way we found out that the server was compromised was that it was using 100% CPU. The process which was using all the CPU was a process which we never seen before, nor did any of us ever configure it, and of course it was run by the zabbix user. We killed it instantly, and after some digging around we found out that the executable file was used as an agent for some data mining service on which you can rent computing power to do some tasks.

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Zabbix bug TOP20, March 2017

Let’s talk bugs. The important Zabbix bugs. What are those? The ones that have the most votes in the Zabbix issue tracker.

TOP3 Zabbix bugreports from the table below in the article

There are currently 1308 open bugreports. When we looked at this number back in November last year, it was a hundred less. That’s a pretty huge number, is everything bad? Not really, as some might be duplicates and some might be incorrect reports. Not many, though, as there’s constant grooming going on. Most of the remaining are valid bugreports, but not too critical – some are even as minor as an offset of a few pixels in some page. Still a bug, but something we can live with, mostly. We already looked at the top-voted bugreport, now is the time to glance at others same as we did with feature requests.

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The most important bug in Zabbix

How do you determine which bugs are important ?

The bug must be still unfixed to be important. If a new version of Zabbix comes out and the server crashes for all the users, that is the most important bug. Until it is fixed, hopefully, soon.

But there are some long-standing bugs that linger around just below the “fix-it” surface – they’re  not terrible enough to be fixed right away, and somewhat complicated usually. Such bugs can be around for many years, sometimes not even being fixed, but going away because a feature gets dropped completely. We’d need a way to measure which of all those known bugs is the most important. And there is a way to find out – same as with features, users can vote on bugreports. The bugreport with the most votes is titled deadlock between server and frontend.

Jira screenshot, showing "deadlock between server and frontend" issue title

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Zabbix feature request TOP20, January 2017

We recently covered the most desirable feature request in Zabbix – ability to tell an item to collect a value right now, instead of waiting for the next polling interval. But there are many more feature requests – actually, there are almost 2000 open feature requests. Let’s look at TOP20 out of those, and let’s figure out what’s the second most desirable thing to be implemented for Zabbix.

Zabbix TOP3 feature requests
There are 17 more of these below!

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Lightning talks and Q&A at the Zabbix Conference 2016

We covered the main talks during day one and day two of the Zabbix Conference 2016, but there were a few more things that happened in the conference hall at the end of the second day. After the main talks were over, in 5-minute long lightning talks various topics were introduced and briefly covered.

Burning duck / Ahiruyaki

Afterwards, the participants had a chance to ask questions to the Zabbix team. While there is a lot of talking going on off-the-record (conference participants catching a developer, separate sessions for Zabbix partners etc), this was a chance both to raise a topic to be heard by a bigger audience, and find out something if you had not managed to grab a Zabbix team member before.

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