Perl and Zabbix API – Getting Started

Zabbix’s API has the advantage of being both extremely flexible and extremely powerful.  Scripts that leverage the API can address many of the perceived ‘short-comings’, or commonly requested features of Zabbix.  I wrote the Zabbix::Tiny module as a small interface to the API to abstract some of the boiler plate that I was repeating in each script I was writing without it.  Rather than delve directly into the module and it’s uses, I wanted to first cover a few of the dependencies I rely on for (nearly) every script that I write using the Zabbix API. Any articles that I write in the future will consider these points as implied.

"Perl comes off the wall" with a short history of Perl and a portrait of Larry Wall
Perl comes off the wall. Image from eWeek

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How to set host encryption parameters via the API?

Zabbix 3.0 introduced a major new feature – encryption between Zabbix components. If you’d like to add a new host with encryption enabled, you would go to the documentation of the host.create method… and be surprised. It says nothing about the encryption at all. You might continue to the host object page, but that wouldn’t have anything on encryption either.

Encryption tab in the host properties

How so?

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