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Still wondering where the Action Simulator is in 2018?

It hurts to admit it, but this is just another preview and not something that is ready to be released to the general public! But don’t think that I took it easy: I spent a lot of time cleaning up and restructuring the code. I worked on new features and some fundamental issues and then I thought: Instead of going for 3.4, which is nearing its end of life, rather aim for 4.0, which will become the next LTS!

In hindsight, I am not upset with this decision, but unfortunately it added a lot more complexity to the job and that is why it is not done! This is where you could come in: I am looking for help on the frontend part. Please read on if you are interested and let me know!

If you don’t know what Action Simulator is and why is it great, consider reading the introductory post first.

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Still wondering about missing notifications in 2017?

If Zabbix keeps on surprising you with its notifications, you might want to try the Action Simulator! The Action Simulator is a community patch that helps you to figure out whether your actions really do as you intend. It first came out for Zabbix 2.0 in 2013 and was downloaded by hundreds of users from all around the world.

The following article gives a brief introduction to the Action Simulator and explains the challenges of developing it for Zabbix 3.2.

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Zabbix stopped sending out alerts, HALP!

Zabbix was this reliable friend, always sending you an email, SMS or both when something went down. It sometimes sent you a lot of emails, but you never got angry at Zabbix about that – it was just eager to help you, make sure you did not miss the weekly disaster. But then… last week… Zabbix did not send you an SMS. It did not send you an email. It did not telepathically inform you. But things were DOWN. Server was not RESPONDING.

A fat cat at a table with paws up

Zabbix knew about this. As you review the data, sitting in a dark room, the graphs clearly show the downtime. But there was-no-alert. How is that possible? Wait, what, this is impossible. You can see on the glowing screen that the main action, a crucial piece in getting those alerts, is disabled. That just cannot be, as nobody, NOBODY would ever disable that. How, oh how. Why, oh why.

Zabbix frontend row, showing a disabled action

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